Webcam Like You Mean It

Elisabeth has been teaching folkx (mostly lawyer-types) how to webcam using lessons from cinematographers, YouTubers & online gamers OF COLOR since 2020. See Services.

Booking Elisabeth

Email, or schedule a time to chat via Zooooooom. Given the limited time Elisabeth has to give to this passion project (She has an awesome day job.), her dance card fills up quickly.

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I got a lot more out of it than I expected. So much more. Easily the most valuable tips I've found on how to Zoom. I only wish I'd learned this stuff sooner. I will be re-watching in the future for the parts that didn't sink in this time. This is an exceptional presentation.

That was by far the best Zoom presentation I’ve seen. Great info, and so much fun!

I certainly didn't expect this much fun. Thanks for a fun, yet great content-filled, session! Told my colleagues about some of your tips the next day!  

Wow. Great presentation. And thank you so much for promoting content creators and using lots of examples of people of color! We need more of this.

It felt like a coaching session with great tips, which in turn inspired and motivated me to be better. Almost as if it was worth the effort (where normally I wouldn’t care so much). But it’s more than a how-to, it’s also a 'You got this!' [Her] excitement and joy were awesome and refreshing.