It started at the basics and got me thinking of the impression I make on zoom before I even open my mouth. Great session.    06/09/2021

You cover a ton of information in a short amount of time. I learned a lot of good stuff. And the positive energy you project is amazing.  06/08/2021

You have great energy! The session was fast-paced and never dull, that’s for sure!  I find that people love practical tips and the session was full of them. I especially liked that you showed comparison screen shots. Good, better, best. Loved that.  06/08/2021

I loved it all!  It was even more engaging than I expected! I walked away with valuable information I will use and share with my students and colleagues moving forward. I highly recommend this workshop/webinar!  05/28/2021

I’ve had around eleventy thousand virtual meetings over the past year and thought I was an ‘old hand’ at using the tools. I was wrong. This is great.  05/26/2021

I got a lot more out of it than I expected. So much more. Easily the most valuable tips I've found on how to Zoom. I only wish I'd learned this stuff sooner. I will be re-watching in the future for the parts that didn't sink in this time. This is an exceptional presentation.  05/25/2021

I really enjoyed this class! The ideas presented are well-researched and easy-to-implement.   Elisabeth’s energetic delivery kept me fully engaged, and I left the course eager to try out her tips and tricks in my next zoom meeting.  Though her personal enthusiasm for the subject matter is undeniable, even those of us that do not relish the opportunity to conference virtually will gain a wealth of knowledge and have a great time in the process.  05/25/2021

Elisabeth was the most energetic speaker I have ever seen on a virtual platform and her tips were something I could use immediately to improve my Zoom presence. I was prepared for a stiff tech presentation. This was vastly different.  05/22/2021

Very specific examples showing differences in lighting, sound, etc.... Concrete and helpful suggestions.... I am making my whole team watch it!   05/22/2021

I certainly didn't expect this much fun. Thanks for a fun, yet great content-filled, session! Told my colleagues about some of your tips the next day!    05/22/2021

Elisabeth Steele Hutchison was a truly gifted speaker. She got right to the point, had dynamite slides, answered all of the Q&A's, and shared really thoughtful insights about high-quality Zooming. She had practical suggestions about Zooming better and shared specifics about the purchases and set-ups needed to put her larger concepts into practice. No doubt one of the best CLE's I've ever attended.  05/18/2021

Elisabeth is terrific – I’ve changed my zoom approach thanks to her tips. Looking forward to more!  05/17/2021

All the tips felt totally doable and was broken down nicely in different sections.  Elisabeth, wonderful job!  05/11/2021

Fast-paced, packed with info!  05/11/2021

You covered all vital issues for folks who want to use zoom professionally with clear words, examples and visuals.  05/11/2021

I learned a lot, and in a fun setting that felt like a bit of a reunion! Thanks for the much-needed, and appreciated inspiration! I know others will also find great value in the information you are sharing, and in the way that you are sharing it. Kudos!  05/11/2021

Many, many practical, inexpensive, and instantly usable tips.  05/11/2021

Nailed it!  05/11/2021

Not all of us are comfortable with technology, and your style, delivery, exploratory review of zoom a the beginning and your own self-disclosures, made it infinitely easier for us to accept and feel comfortable with our own limitations. It also allowed us to realize we could overcome them.   05/11/2021

The ideas and suggestions were all things that could be implemented easily.  I didn't expect that the webinar would be fun and fast-paced.  I run a public health department, and I'm always talking to reporters via zoom. I wish I had these tips a year ago. This would be a great training for my public health colleagues.  05/11/2021