Lots of information! I learned a lot.  04/29/2021

This class was informative, enjoyable, and worth every penny!  04/24/2021

I am pretty adept at Zoom and still learned a lot of useful tips that I can apply right away. It was so entertaining!  04/22/2021

I appreciate that most of the tips would work for Zoom or other web conferencing platforms.  04/22/2021

I didn't think it would be so informative and easy to understand as a Baby Boomer who isn't on all of the social media platforms.  I finally learned Facebook and found out that it's not popular anymore. LOL!  Best Seminar ever! Loved the content!   04/22/2021

That was a blast!  04/22/2021

That was by far the best Zoom presentation I’ve seen. Great info, and so much fun!  04/22/2021

So interesting and honestly inspiring which may sound strange but it really was. :-)  04/01/2021

So much! I gained so many tips about lighting, wardrobe, background on. So very helpful. But honestly the most important thing I took away is how important it is to have an upbeat disposition on Zoom! Just how Elisabeth comports herself on Zoom inspired me to do better - really, I mean it.  04/01/2021

Such diversity and inclusivity in your presentation! It brought me such joy and energy.  04/01/2021

Elisabeth clearly knows what she’s talking about. It was great to see the experimentation she’s done  with cameras and wardrobe. That really brought legitimacy to the presentation.  03/30/2021

She is confident and professional yet witty; she does not take herself too seriously but it does not  distract from her ability to get the message across. Very well prepared.  03/30/2021

Elisabeth’s style was excellent! I felt more a part of the presentation, even though it was a webinar.  03/30/2021

In this day of virtual meetings of all sizes, this program is very useful and important for all attorneys, teachers, and presenters.  03/30/2021

Amazing program. The content provided current, relevant information, and the speaker presented very  well and made the program fun.  03/30/2021

In terms of one's professional presentation on virtual formats, it was eye-opening.  03/30/2021

This was amazing! I thought I was signing up to discuss this theme with my colleagues, and I wasn't sure how much I'd get out of it. I was pleasantly surprised! You packed A LOT of tips into a very short presentation and got me motivated to care a little bit more!  03/19/2021

This was phenomenal! As a Black woman, I absolutely loved the inclusion of pictures of Black people (even the four-finger hand) and the way that you fearlessly brought up Black Lives Matter, white privilege, and melanin. You were so funny and engaging! I immediately put books under my laptop after you mentioned it. LOL!  03/19/2021

I liked the presenter's enthusiasm. I liked the presenter's transparency about who she is. I liked the way the presenter brought the audience into the presentation by calling our names. I liked the directness of the presentation and value of the information.  03/19/2021

Oh Boy! So engaging, relevant and in my immediate locus of control! So engaging, relevant and in my immediate locus of control!  03/19/2021